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Our Destinations are into two sides, the marsh side and the dessert side

Marsh Side

Okavango Delta

The unique system of waterways which is known as the Okavango Delta in the Republic of Botswana is a large wetland area surrounded by the Kalahari Desert. Thousands of years ago tectonic activity and faulting interrupted the flow of the river causing it to backup and form this unique ecosystem of waterways and countless islands. Now it supports a vast array of animal and plant life that would have otherwise been a dry Kalahari savanna. The Okavango Delta is both a permanent and seasonal home to hundreds of species of animals and birds.

Conservationists have taken a great interest in the preservation of the Botswana Delta, as it is such an exceptional area of Africa. When you take your Botswana safari through the Okavango Delta, you will have the opportunity to explore the natural environment that supports large herds of Elephant, Antelope and Buffalo, as well as Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Crocodile, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Wildebeest, Rhinoceros, Zebra, Baboon and countless others. Our Okavango Delta safari will bring you in close contact with over 400 species of birds, including the African Fish Eagle, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Crested Crane, Lilac-breasted Roller, Ostrich and Sacred Ibis, among others. There are also over 70 species of fish living in the waters of the Okavango Delta.

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Moremi Game Reserve

Here - where the life-giving waters of the Okavango Delta meet the vast Kalahari sands - mopane forests, open grasslands, seasonal floodplains and aquatic habitats have formed to create one of the most scenic and rewarding wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. The Moremi Game Reserve is located in eastern part of the Okavango Delta. It covers up to one third of the Okavango Delta.
The bird watching is excellent throughout the year. The area is famous for its high densities of elephant, buffalo and various antelope species while predators are abundant, especially lion, leopard and wild dog.

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The Khwai River forms a boundary between the reserve and the community area. Explore the Khwai floodplains on game drives both during the day and at night. Here, you will also enjoy a 2 ½ hour Mokoro Trip exploring the water ways of Khwai which is the most eastern reach of the Okavango river system.
Khwai sits between the Moremi Game Reserve and the Chobe National Park and is a very beautiful area that is popular with those in the know. Due to the varying habitats found throughout Khwai, from riverine woodland to open savannah, from mopane scrub to leadwood thickets, there is an immense diversity of flora and fauna to be found here.


Welcome to Africa! Chobe National Park, famous for massive herds of elephant and all around spectacular wildlife. Stretching from the Linyanti River all the way to Savute Marsh, the winding waterways of the Savute Channel have pumped life into the western section of Chobe National Park for many thousands of generations. The park is known as a home to a population of elephants which provide incredible sighting to guest as they enjoy game drives.
The land now protected by Chobe National Park was historically inhabited by San Bushmen, or Basarwa: nomadic hunter-gatherers whose rock paintings can still be seen at various locations throughout the park. The river is the region's heartbeat, providing a year-round source of water for the multitude of animals and birds that call the park home. Its fertile floodplains combine with the grasslands, mopane woodland and thick scrub in other areas of the park to create a patchwork of habitats that together provide shelter for one of the greatest concentrations of game on the African continent.

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This area is renowned for its large concentration of elephants - both resident bulls and migrating breeding herds. Savute is also famous for its large lion prides and spotted hyena clans, and the two species often clash over kills. Cheetah, leopard, wild dog and jackal complete the list of large predators that live in the area.

The general game - tsessebe, wildebeest, giraffe, impala, buffalo - at Savute is good all through the year but especially during the green summer months (about December to April) when thousands of zebra visit Savute en route to the grazing fields of the remote Mababe Depression in the south, and return around February on their way home to the Linyanti wetlands. 

Dessert Side

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